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How Much Does Lasik Cost

How Much Does Lasik Cost

Do you want to get your vision fixed but you don’t know how much does Lasik cost ? Well this question isn’t coming into your mind only. Many people step back from the eye surgery once they come to know about the actual cost of laser surgery. An average Lasik surgery cost varies from year to year. Presently, its price in US is much higher than it was in 2013. People belonging to middle class and those having low socioeconomic status cannot afford the Lasik cost at all.

Lasik surgery is dependent upon many factors, due to which there is a huge deviation among its prices depending upon the region, your location in a particular state of US, your choice of surgeon, the technicality and sophistication of the surgical technique which your surgeon is going to take and also the charges of hospital and anesthesia etc.

Some eye centers may offer bargain prices for promotion and might be willing to do the surgery at much lower rates as compare to others, but you must do a proper research about the price because it might not include the cost and price of many things such as consultation fees, anesthetist fees, hospital charges, pathologist fees etc, plus they might not be giving you absolute surety of giving you 20/20 vision after the Lasik surgery. The first question you should always ask from the manager of that particular center is “ how much does Lasik cost over here ”.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

Lasik surgery is performed to correct the eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism etc with the help of laser therapy. There is not only a single technique available for the vision correction, rather multiple procedures are in practice these days depending upon the desire of the patients and what’s best for them. The cost of each technique varies accordingly. There has been a strong variation in Lasik eye surgery cost in between year 2010-2014. A notable hike has been seen in the surgery prices during these years. If you want to have a clear idea regarding “ how much does Lasik cost ”, you should always stick to the following study which has thoroughly been researched and analyzed.

  • Average prices of the Lasik surgery vary from procedure to procedure. The three mostly used techniques which are in practice these days are:
  1. Lasik w/o bladed micro-keratome
  2. Laser based procedure
  3. Wave-front Lasik w/femto-second laser flap

Although the average price of all laser assisted eye surgeries cost in a range of $2,073, the average respective price of each of these techniques is given below

TechniqueAverage PriceLasik w/o bladed microkeratome$1,543Laser based procedure$2,223Wavefront lasik w/femtosecond laser flap$2,177

Bladed Lasik surgery is an older technique which is not preferred these days. It costs in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 whereas the custom bladeless Lasik with Wave-front technology is a newer technique, having greater reliability and is associated with far lesser post op complications. Its average cost ranges in between $1,500 to $3,000 per eye. You can see the prices of both procedures are almost the same, so it would be better to go for a newer technique which is far better than the older one.

  • Apart from Lasik surgery, if you would undergo some other eye surgery technique then price would vary accordingly. E.g. if you want RLE (refractive lens exchange) surgery for presbyopia then the average cost would range in between $2,500-$4,500.
  • If you will come to know then the first question which would come up in your mind would be, whether it is treatable with Lasik surgery or not? Well, the answer is, absolute “YES”. The next question that is going to be popped out in your mind would be how much does Lasik cost? Well the answer to this is quite simple. Depending upon your location and choice of the surgical technique it would cost you in the range of $3,000 to $5,000, and you will get back your 20/20 vision.
  • You will also find some newer eye centers in your vicinity who will be offering the Lasik surgery at a promotional price. If you ask them, how much is laser eye surgery? You will be astonished to hear that there prices would range from just $500 to $650. This is mainly because of three reasons:
  1. They would be using the older surgical techniques.
  2. There surgeons wouldn’t be that much experienced and skillful.
  3. It would be there promotional price; all they would like is to become famous and get hold of the market,
  • Apart from the surgery cost, what else are the signifying factors which really lead you to think how much does Lasik cost? Well, what further boost up the overall price of the Lasik surgery are the anesthetist fees, the charges for the lab investigation fees, hospital stay and service charges, distance which you will travel from the place where you are living and also the pre and post op medications. You also have to pay for the initial visits to the doctor depending upon your number of visits. It also depends upon whether you are suffering from any illness which is directly affecting your vision such a diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy. It has been seen that the chances of cataract are quiet high in diabetics and hypertensive patients, and such patients need to pay more because extra medications and care would be required to treat the disease.

Lasik Surgery Cost in different States of US

Apart from variation in the type of technique and equipment used, Lasik surgery cost also depends hugely in the state in which you are living in America. It has been seen that the prices vary to a far greater extent from one state to another in America. There are laser eye centers everywhere in US. It’s in New York, in Boston, Atlanta, Colorado, Houston, San Diego, Seattle and many other parts of the country as well. It would be better to perform your Lasik surgery at LASIK Vision Institute. It is one of the most notable and best Lasik surgery institutes and its branches are present in almost every corner of US.

It has been seen that most of surgeons would ask for a much lower price in the farther states as compare to the price you would paying in New York, Washington or California. E.g. in the Raleigh eye centre, it would cost you about $995 per eye which is an incredible deal if you consider $2,150 as an average Lasik surgery cost. Similarly, Laski surgery cost in Denver starts from $500 with a guaranteed 20/20 vision and even you can pay the money as monthly installments, which is a much greater relief for someone who has lesser source of income. Most of the doctors offer you about 50% for different Lasik techniques, even with one year post op free consultation.

So, if the basic hurdle in your mind about the surgery is, “ how much does Lasik cost ”, then you should always think about these centers which would offer you much financial relief as compare to other centers in the country. It has also b seen in recent years that US citizens like to go to Canada for their Lasik surgery operations because the average Lasik surgery cost over there is far lesser than the price in US.

Epi Lasik and its Surgery Cost

As said earlier, with every passing day, newer techniques are coming into practice. Epi lasik is one of such techniques, which is taking the world by storm at present. It is almost the same as Lasik but it has quietly replaced the PKR and LASEK surgical techniques by far. The reason is that it is more result oriented. The duration of healing is quiet less, it is a time saving procedure plus the best about Epi-lasik is that it is a pain free technique. The average cost of Epi-lasik in US is about $3,000 these days. Keeping in view its demand in today’s world, more and more people are undergoing this procedure.

Lasik Surgery and Insurance

If the problem, HOW MUCH DOES LASIK COST ? is the most depressive thing these days in your life, then the best would be to get yourself insured with some health insurance company which would be there to pay for the surgery cost on your behalf. Lasik eye surgery cost insurance amount varies from company to company. Some companies would pay little while others might pay all of your surgery costs. The overall surgery cost would drop to 60-80% in most cases, if you are insured with some insurance company. This means that all you would need to pay will be somewhere in a range of $500 to $1,000 rather than paying in the range of $3,000 plus.


After thoroughly undergoing research and analysis, it can be concluded that the most worrisome question which comes into people’s mind is that how much does Lasik cost? There are major factor which affects its cost but your eyes and vision comes first and then the money. You should always go for the best technique to get your eyes fixed, rather than opting for some non experienced, unskilled workers who are assuring you the surgery at a lower price but with no guarantee at all. It would be absolute failure on your part, if you value money more than your eyes and health. Always research before you make your final decision of going for Lasik surgery. This will give you a real motivation and satisfaction, and you will feel relaxed before thinking upon “how much does laser eye surgery cost”.