Bariatric Surgery Cost

Bariatric surgery cost should not influence your decision to change your plans regarding your weight loss desires. With each passing day, new surgical techniques are being unfolded and bariatric surgery is one of them; but what worries people the most is; “its cost”.

Cost of bariatric surgery varies from region to region. In countries like Mexico and Korea, the surgery cost is far less as compare to US where you need to pay a handsome amount of money for your surgery. Its cost depends upon your location in States, your choice of doctor, type of hospital and whether you are insured with some insurance company or not.

It also depends upon the fees which you need to pay to the hospital for your admission stay, for the lab investigation which would be carried out before the surgery, the anesthetist, pathologist and radiologist fees, and also upon the pre and post op surgery medications.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Price survey teams in US have concluded that bariatric surgery cost can be properly estimated in the following way:

  • The price range across in most part of the country runs in between $15,000 to $35,000. The average quoted surgery price seems to be $20,000.
  • It is necessary to mention here that bariatric weight loss surgery can be performed by different techniques and price for all the techniques is different. Following table would give you a clear idea regarding the bariatric surgery cost of different procedures:


Different types of weight loss surgeryCostsSleeve gastrectomy cost$10,000-$20,000RNY gastric bypass surgery cost$15,000-$30,000Mini gastric bypass surgery cost$20,000-$30,000Duodenal switch surgery cost$20,000-$30,000Gastric sleeve plication surgery cost$15,000-$25,000Lapband surgery cost$17,000-$30,000Revisional (Band to bypass) surgery cost$21,000-$23,000

All the prices which are tabled above include the fees of the surgeon, fees of the anesthetist, pathologist, radiologist and also the amount which you will be paying to the hospital management for your stay in hospital and medications that they would provide.

  • While calculating bariatric surgery cost, you should always add your consultation fees. You might need to pay in the range of $300-$600 consultation fees depending upon the number of visits you pay to the doctor.
  • You have to pay more for the surgery if you are suffering from any co-morbid condition. The cost of bariatric surgery would always be high if you are old and suffering from any illness such as diabetes, nephropathy, liver cirrhosis etc.

How to lessen the Bariatric Surgery Cost

If you have already decided that you have to undergo the surgery at any case, then the best would be to get yourself insured with some health insurance company. It would lessen your total cost by almost half or one third of the actual cost. Some companies do not cover bariatric surgery, but in US almost all insurance companies support you for this kind of surgery. Also, always try to find a hospital near to your home which would reduce your travelling and transport costs.

In this modern world, everything which you want to know can be found online through internet. The best would be to properly research the disease, its cure and cost of its surgery if required. This would give you a clear idea whether you can afford the surgery cost or not. If you know someone close to you who is a doctor or someone who owns a hospital, then it would be better to concern them as they would help you in decreasing their own fees and hospital charges.


With each passing day, the percentage of obese people is increasing and it has reached to an alarming stage. Every one in four American is considered obese these days. People of all ages and sex are becoming obese day by day. The best would be to start telling people about obesity and the havoc it would be playing with their health in their later lives, otherwise prepare them for bariatric surgery cost. It’s better to start caring about yourself and your health today rather than tomorrow when you will be an obese. It is recommended that never compromise your health for money. You can earn money again tomorrow once you will be cured but if you have developed a major illness because of your obesity then you will be of no use. Best would be to keep a close look upon your weight otherwise start earning more to bear bariatric surgery cost.

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